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Midnight Desire

SKU: 004
  • There is only one herb in Midnight Desire, a strong, powerful yet playful herb. This herb is Damiana. Taking 13 years to realise its perfect balance (it is an incredibly bitter herb!), this liqueur is an experience which is unique, very different and difficult to describe.

    Generally, it has a floral aroma and yet everyone seems to have a different experience with flavour. Some people taste a cinnamon, spice like flavour; others taste lavender. There is a long list of descriptive words: cherries, berries, sandalwood, citrus and the list goes on. It is common for people to simply not be able to pinpoint ‘a word’ to describe the flavour they are experiencing; it eludes them. Yet it is delicious, fun, strong, perfect.

    Awarded Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, London 2019

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