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Herbal Liqueurs

Crafted  in three classes, our liqueurs are blended with distilled ancient botanicals to provide unique, often undefinable, pairings of flavour and felt-experience.  

Golden | Light & Uplifting 

This family of liqueurs- Harmony, Reflections and Mirus- are created with botanicals commonly described as uplifting flavours.

The blending of specially selected white wine grapes with these delicate herbs produces a slightly sweet to full-bodied flavour, reminiscent of famous Portuguese sherries.

Cimmerian | Dark & Calming

This family of liqueurs- Tapestry, Tempest and Escalibor- are created with botanicals commonly described as calming flavours.

Blended from a red wine grape base, these liqueurs are more full-bodied and drier than the Golden range.


A careful balance of a red wine grapes and organic herbs creates rich, deep textures and flavours reminiscent of tokay yet somehow very different.

Exotic | Mysterious 

This family of liqueurs – Midnight Desire and Ginseng- feature single herbs blended with either a white or red grape base.


Both blends entice the mind and palette with curiously reminiscent flavours which somehow elude specific descriptions.


These sumptuous elegant liqueurs are sure to intrigue even the most refined wine taster's palette. 

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