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SKU: 005
  • Mirus in ancient Latin is ‘Queen’ meaning wonderment, prodigious, astounding, curious.


    With the dominant herb Calendula, it is the most intense and complex liqueur in the Golden range- strong and powerful, yet supremely elegant.


    In the first tasting, it confounds the mind and tempts the palette with flavours that feel reminiscent of something very familiar… yet, adjectives seem to linger on the tip of the tongue, just out of awareness.


    With deep golden hues, mystical aromas, velvety textures and slow-release flavours, Mirus demands your attention.


    Food pairing Mirus proves to be a curious adventure. It’s flavour is already so complex that food flavours tend to detract and distract. Mirus is best enjoyed alone; perhaps as an unaccompanied aperitif.


    Mirus is not for the faint hearted. It is for anyone wishing to experience big new flavours and a body-felt experience.


    Awarded Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, London 2019

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