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SKU: 006
  • Reflections with the dominant herb of Spearmint holds pride of fourteen herbs. It holds pride of place in our Golden Liqueurs range. A liqueur of medium intensity and complexity, Reflections is best known for its refreshing experience without the minty flavour.


    The effect of this slightly spicy liqueur can be felt from the first sip, taking the palate by surprise to awaken and refresh the mouth and throat, followed by an exhilarating explosion of layered flavours.


    Best enjoyed as a dessert liqueur, Reflections pairs superbly with dark chocolate and sticky caramel-based desserts. Try matching it with Burnt fig & chocolate ganache for perfectly indulgent experience. Use it as an Affogato base and discover a wonderfully haunting twist to a proven classic.


    Awarded Silver Medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, London 2019

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